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Work waterproof laptop backpack women

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Work waterproof laptop backpack women

Product Information

NameWork waterproof laptop backpack women
In stock Price$24.95
More than 10 piece = $19.96 per piece..
Size31 cm x 8 cm x 43 cm.
Size Map15.6 Inch laptop, 14 Inch laptop, 13 Inch
Weight1.98 lbs
MaterialNylon polyester.
StyleOffice Leisure Travel.
MainLaptop Backpacks,laptop backpack for women
In StockYes.

laptop backpack women

Product advantages

✔The laptop backpack women is simple in design and light in weight.

✔Casual style and business style, It matches well in many occasions.

✔The biggest feature is that the shoulder straps can be hidden.

✔Password lock function.

✔Another feature is that the bottom of the backpack, is designed with a hidden zippered water cup bag.

laptop backpack


Replacing a laptop backpack is like replacing a mobile phone case. This is a low-cost way for girls to change their mood.Please note, a good laptop backpack the most important, is comfort and reasonable content space division and portable.But what items to pack is also an important factor affecting the backpack experience. No matter how good a computer backpack is, it will not make your Mac Pro the weight of an Air.


Is your laptop 11 inches, 13 inches or 15 inches? Is your height 165 or 175, 185?

If you answer the above questions, then you have a clear concept of the laptop backpack you need.


If you are a student, sales, professional or business people who often travel outside, often need to carry books, computers, clothes and luggage, etc., a laptop backpack is equal to a boarding box and a laptop bag.This backpack has many interlayers and reasonable functional areas. The shoulder straps can not only bear greater weight, but also reduce the load pressure on one shoulder and liberate both hands.It’s a good choice.

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