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100 Waterproof Backpack For College

100 waterproof backpack for college
waterproof backpack for college
100 waterproof backpacks for college

Product Information

Name100 waterproof backpack for college.
In stock Price25.99
Wholesale 10pcs=$20.9/pcs
Size32cm x 14cm x 47cm
Size Map15 Inch laptop,14 Inch laptop,9.7 Inch
StyleCasual sports, street style
Mainwaterproof backpack,waterproof backpack for college.
In StockYes
Customized servicesYes
100 waterproof backpack for college

Product advantages:

1.Very street style design.

2.A 15-inch computer can fit in.

3.The hidden zipper design prevents rainwater from entering the inside of the bag.

4.Two outer pockets are on the outside, also with a hidden zipper design.

5.There are plastic clasp rings on the side to keep the backpack in shape

100 waterproof backpack for college

It can be seen from the model picture:

The shape of this waterproof backpack is very cool,Very suitable for going out, school, and can hold a lot of things, including 15.6 inch laptop, although can not open 180 degrees, but it does not affect the use of it, hidden zipper, backpack overall look better.
The shoulder strap is designed with a chest fastener.It won’t feel very tired to recite for a long time.the waterproof backpacks features six straps, two on each side and two on the bottom of the backpack.
You can also hold water glasses on both sides.

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