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printed laptop backpack women custom laptop bags

printed laptop backpack women custom laptop bag
printed laptop backpack women custom laptop bags
printed laptop backpack women custom

Product Information

Nameprinted laptop backpack women custom laptop bags
In stock Price17.99
Wholesale 10pcs=$14.39/pcs
Size29cm x 13cm x 44cm
Size Map14 Inch laptop,9.7 Inch
Styleschool, work, go shopping, travel backpack
Mainprinted laptop backpack,laptop backpacks for women
In StockYes
Customized servicesYes
printed laptop backpack women

Product advantages

Full print design and color, walking in the street there is a sense of recognition, attracting people’s attention.

Weaving logo, if you are a businessman, you can also customize your own logo.If there are more than 100

There are two main colors, black and blue, but they are both nice to look at and will make your choice difficult.

Also the printed laptop backpack bag has a large capacity, which can basically meet your daily needs.

There are two side pockets for normal size drinking cups and folding umbrellas

External charging port function

backpack women custom laptop bags

In any case

This printed laptop backpack is made of high quality Oxford fabric.It is light, soft, waterproof and durable.The brush color of the printing is also very clear.The front is paired with a clamshell pocket and a characteristic coffee leather belt.It’s a perfect match.Add bright rivets.There are also two D buttons below which can also be used to hang things like water cups,
The printed laptop backpack shoulder straps of this bag are X-shaped, The straps don’t slip off easily,There is also a cross strap designed to make it more light to use,(but I didn’t upload the picture.)


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