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custom printed laptop backpack women bags

custom printed laptop backpack women bags
printed laptop backpack women bags
custom printed laptop backpack women

Product Information

Namecustom printed laptop backpack women bags
In stock Price$12.19
More than 10piece = $9.75 per piece
Size30cm x 13.5cm x 41.5cm
Size Map14 Inch laptop,9.7 Inch pad
Styleworks collage travel street backpacks
Mainbackpacks women works,street,collage
In StockYes
Customized servicesYes
laptop backpack women bags

Product advantages

Custom patterned fabric, comfortable to handle, clear patterns.printed laptop backpack.

Pocket classification, multiple small pockets, can be placed small belongings.

Has hidden zipper, can put documents and other valuables.

The use of two-way zipper, can be opened in any direction, very convenient.

Top handle for easy suspension.

custom printed laptop backpack women bags


So you can fill it with more books or travel essentials.Equipped with padded shoulder straps, durable exterior, spacious interior and water bottle pocket, it’s easy to fit textbooks and necessities into, plus it comes with a protective pocket to protect your laptop!
Two colors, black and blue, mainly the cartoon fox pattern of the backpack is very good-looking, add activity, with the shape of the backpack, is a good laptop backpack


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