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Buy the basic principles laptop backpack

Buy the basic principles laptop backpack:

1.Protect your laptop

The backpack size is appropriate + the inner tank structure is firm,so that the computer in order to more snugly secured in the bag.
In terms of specific performance,first of all,backpacks should absorb shock and pressure.High density,slow rebound sponge layer can be more effectively washed crash.
If the bottom layer design with a thick shock backpack,can absorb impact force when dropped.
In addition, waterproof is also an important performance of laptop backpacks,and preferentially choose fabrics with good waterproof performance,If the backpack has a waterproof zipper and a moisture-proof coating, you will feel more at ease in rainy days.

2. Comfortable to carry

Carrying system is essential to the “user experience” of laptop backpacks.
Backpacks with thin shoulder straps will make your shoulders overwhelmed under strong pressure, and widened and thicker design shoulder straps can liberate your shoulders (the same goes for handbags,thicker and bolder type grip mention more comfortable).a well-designed backpack system can also optimize heat dissipation and further disperse the pressure to reduce the burden on the body.

3. Storage performance

Storage capability and complexity is a positive correlation.so it’s not that the more storage,the better.Before buying,you should determine your own usage needs so that you can choose the laptop backpack with the most suitable style and function.For example,for most men or business travelers, laptop backpacks usually contain not only computers, but also other personal belongings.Styles with large space and multiple partitions are more suitable;For women who carry a commuter bag, a small and light liner bag can meet the storage needs.

4. Durable

Among the conventional fabrics, nylon has better quality performance.The quality of nylon is determined by the level D (such as 800D, 1000D);
The higher the density,the more wear-resistant, and the better waterproof performance.In addition,polyester fabrics are relatively strong and durable.

5. The design should look good


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