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black backpacks for girls

black backpacks for girls
black backpacks
backpacks for girls

Product Information

Nameblack backpacks for girls
In stock Price$14.99
More than 10piece = $12.75per piece
Size31cm x 20cm 41cm
Size Map15.6Inch Laptop,14 Inch laptop,9.7 Inch pad
Stylestreet,collage,works backpacks
In StockYes
Customized servicesYes
girl backpack

Product advantages

✔The black backpacks plain colors and casual appearance.

Padded back and shoulder straps, very suitable for school or work use, day trips, weekend trips.

Made of durable and waterproof nylon fabric, easy to clean.

Sturdy enough to withstand daily commuting. You can also do it yourself stickers.

Water bottles in side pockets. Spacious main pocket, golden zipper front pocket, enough space to carry your school supplies, umbrella, notebook.

black backpack

In a nutshell

This backpack is perfectly adequate for a short trip during a small holiday. It happens to be summer, so it’s no problem to bring two changes of clothes and your usual commuting gear, plus some credentials and a toiletries kit
The whole backpack to focus on the back of the feeling!In the design of the backpack, the use of a fitting ergonomic design of the back plate, 10mm thickened sponge filling, the overall feeling is in the backpack, the back is under the pressure from the soft, rather than the backpack inside the items on the back of the feeling.
As an everyday backpack, you can pack a 14-inch laptop, a Nikon D610, a moisturizer spray and a mosqulio repellent with plenty of room left


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