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Best backpacks for laptop and travel

best backpacks for laptop and travel
best backpacks for laptop
backpacks for laptop and travel

Product Information

Namebest backpacks for laptop and travel
In stock PriceM:$48.46,L:$52.69
More than 10piece = $41.19per piece.(M)More than 10piece = $44.78/per piece.(L)
Size27cm x 18cm 48cm(M),28cm x 24cm x 52cm(L)
Size Map15.6Inch Laptop,14 Inch laptop,9.7 Inch pad
Colorblack,yellow,gray,camouflage color
Styleworks collage travel street,Telecommuting job
Mainworks,street,collage laptop backpack
In StockYes
Customized servicesYes

Product advantages

High quality waterproof laptop backpacks are durable.

The lining is made of waterproof polyester to keep the articles dry.

Ideal for a variety of occasions, great for college, school, business, travel, short hikes, camping and outdoor activities, especially telecommuting job.

Unique design, can freely expand the thickness of the backpack.

Honeycomb sponge with shoulder strap, breathable backpack pad to prevent your back discomfort.


This is a super functional backpack, suitable for travel, school, work, and also involved in the bottom of the backpack can hold shoes zip pocket, side pocket is a zip, there are hidden pockets in the inside, the front pocket.It’s relatively hard.It protects vulnerable objects.This backpack comes in large and small sizes.You can choose according to your own needs.It includes a combination lock.


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