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backpack purse for women online

backpack purse for women
backpack purse
backpack purse for women online

Product Information

Namebackpack purse for women online
In stock Price$7.8
More than 10piece = $6.64 per piece
Size32cm x 16cm x 33cm
Size Map9.7 Inch pad
Stylestreet,collage,travel backpacks
Mainbackpacks for women travel
In StockYes
Customized servicesYes
backpack purse

Product advantages

The shape design of the backpack purse is very unique.

Very anti-theft design, the front of the backpack has no opening.

Oxford spinning with a small amount of leather, it matches well.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to a very long.

Detachable shoulder strap.

women backpack purse


This backpack specially designed for women is very special. There is no place to open the front of the backpack. It is completely integrated. Its opening is designed on the back of the backpack, which is unexpected. The backpack also has a long shoulder strap, which can be used as a shoulder bag. If you like it. The main reason is that its price is very cheap. It’s only $7.8, which is incredible.
The irregular pattern design is very attractive and eye-catching. A backpack very suitable of leisure life. You can bring to school, shopping, cycling, traveling, dating, etc.

tips 4

Among the conventional fabrics, nylon has better quality performance.The quality of nylon is determined by the level D (such as 800D, 1000D);The higher the density,the more wear-resistant, and the better waterproof performance.In addition,polyester fabrics are relatively strong and durable.


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