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13 inch laptop backpack for women waterproof

13 inch laptop backpack for women waterproof
13 inch laptop backpack for women
13 inch laptop backpack for women

Product Information

Name13 inch laptop backpack for women waterproof
In stock Price$36.59
More than 10piece = $31.1 per piece
Size26cm x 13.5cm x 43cm
Size Map14 Inch laptop,9.7 Inch pad
Styleworks collage travel street backpacks
Mainlaptop backpack women’s waterproof works,street,collage
In StockYes
Customized servicesYes
13 inch laptop backpack for women waterproof

Product advantages

Made of high quality Oxford fabric, the fabric feels comfortable.

Slightly waterproof, wear-resistant, high quality.

Customized hardware accessories, corrosion resistance, not easy to fade.

Backpack opening sub – buckle closed.convenient.

×The shoulder straps of the backpack are widened to 7cm to relieve the pressure on the shoulders.

13 inch laptop backpack

The designer said:

‘Only the buyer has a say in the personality display and use of each backpack.
I hope, with your gesture,
I hope to see what it looks like when you use it
hope you inspire me to create more backpacks
Too, each backpack more beautiful, you and I share

The first time I saw this backpack, I was really attracted by its design.Although I don’t have it on my back, it feels like it fits me.I had to trust the designer.This backpack lady backpack, a total of 4 colors, there is a blue one, but no picture uploaded.This lady’s backpack is perfect for this season.Take it to school, to work, to travel, to go shopping.In short, only when you have it, can you appreciate its beauty.

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